Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Perpetuum - Character Progression

The developers of Perpetuum Online went with an online/offline character progression system. This means you don't have to do not have to actively do anything to level your character. The system lets you progress your character over time.

This type of progression system works well and gives everyone the ability to have character progression without having to spend large amounts of time online to keep up with those that can spend many hours a week playing.

Everyone accumulates EP (Extension Points) at the same rate. The rate is one EP per minute. This happens if you're online or offline. There are no Extensions that boost/modify your characters' attributes; which, affect the EP cost of extensions.

Your EPs save in your accounts' EP pool and is for use by any character created on the account. For example if you have all three character slots taken up with agents and you log into agent A and you have a total EP pool of 1000 EPs and you spend 300 points on agent A and then log into a agent B on the same account you will have a total of 700 EPs left to spend.

With the EP accumulating into a pool, you can leave for a long vacation and don't have to worry about losing training time since you EPs are there for you to spend when you get back. No reason to give a friend your account information to keep your training going while you are gone.

All extension cost NIC + EP for first time install and then only EP there after to upgrade to higher levels. The extensions are not sold on the market and can be found under your agent profile.

Since attributes affect the cost of extensions and the extension dictate what your character can do in game you will want to create characters that are specialized and may want to try and keep away from hybrid type character.

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